Refurbished Servers, Storage and Networking Equipment: Oracle Sun,HP 9000,HP Integrity,HP-UX,HP,DELL,IBM,Fujitsu,NEC,Cisco,F5 BIG-IP,Juniper

Why DataLive?

High Quality, Low Cost: Refurbished Hardware

Low cost means low quality? NO!
DataLive ships refurbished hardware passed through strict quality inspection.
Our inspection includes not only HDD sector check but also overhaul and internal component testing.

Our Refurbishment Process


The three great enemies to precision equipment are magnetism, dust and moisture.
To prevent them, we focus on the countermeasure against static electricity during working and
store HDD and memories in antistatic sheets.
We keep work area and warehouse clean and organized under controlled temperature and humidity.

1) Arrival         2) Inspection, Testing and System Setting
3) Cleaning and Sanitizing 4) Bench-test, Packing and Shipping

1) Arrival


We accept hardware of different conditions(ex. good, new old stock or outlet).
At this stage, we only check normal functions and sort out hardware based on the functionality.

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2) Inspection, Testing and System Setting

組み立て/検品 システム設定 診断テスト

  1. Cabinet Inspection: Damage Check (crack,etc.)
  2. Burn-in Testing
  3. Reliability/Performance Testing
  4. Operation Check:Normal Operation/Boot under the Latest System Requirements
  5. Application Basic Action Testing
  6. Wear Testing, Hard Disk Data Erasing

Our inspection process is very detailed,initializing hardware prior to shipping and using our own checklists.We market only products passed our strict inspections successfully.


組み立て/検品 システム設定 診断テスト

Our Test List (excerpt)

  • CPU/Processor Testing
  • System Board Testing
  • System Memory Testing
  • Video Adapter Testing
  • Serial Port Interface Testing
  • SCSI Controller Testing
  • RAID Interface Testing
  • Hard Disk Drive Testing [DataLive Hard Disk Drive Quality] check!
  • System Management Testing
  • USB 2.0 Controller Testing
  • Keyboard Testing
  • CD-ROM/DVD Drive Testing
  • Diskette Drive Testing

All remaining data from hard disk is erased completely. We double-check it before shipping.

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3) Cleaning and Sanitizing


Inspected hardware is cleaned and sanitized.
In the case of servers, we clean out them with an air compressor and cleaner.
After removing dirt on surface, they will look as good as new.

左:クリーニング前 右:クリーニング後

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4) Bench-test, Packing and Shipping

出荷前検品 梱包出荷

We double-check if every single operation is done appropriately and no damage is found.
Based on a purchase order and our own checklist, we also check if necessary accessories or manuals are not left out.


出荷前検品 梱包出荷

Finished products are packed carefully and cleanly in order to provide against damage from shipping.

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