Refurbished Servers, Storage and Networking Equipment: Oracle Sun,HP 9000,HP Integrity,HP-UX,HP,DELL,IBM,Fujitsu,NEC,Cisco,F5 BIG-IP,Juniper

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get express delivery?
If you are in a hurry, let us know.We can use FedEx International Priority® service.
Q2. I am looking for a server, not in your list…
Just send us an email and ask if we have it or not.
It is possible that we have fresh and uninspected hardware.
Q3. Do your refurbished servers include rack rails and front bezels?
No, rack rails and front bezels are optional(extra of charge). If you need them, please ask us via email.
Q4. Does your refurbished network equipment include rack mounting kits?
No, rack mounting kits are optional(extra of charge).If you need them, please ask us via email.
Q5. Can I ask you to build customized servers?(changing server configuration, ex. faster memory options, hard drives for increased data capacity, etc.)
Yes! Customizing is welcome(extra of charge). For the details, please ask us via email.
Q6. Payment method?
We will send/accept a payment using PayPal.

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