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We are hiring! – Infrastructure Engineer – Technology Development, Backline Support (Network Instruments)

Job Opening:

Infrastructure Engineer – Technology Development, Backline Support (Network Instruments)

Immediate Opening for Experienced Bilingual Infrastructure Engineers to Work in an Exciting, Fast-growing Company in Tokyo.

Position Summary:

1) Technology Development, Support of New Service Development from Technical Aspects
DataLive Corporation provides infrastructure support services for various servers, strorages and network instruments, but cannot say that we cover all generations and all brands.
Infrastructure Engineer is responsible for analyzing and verifying instrument not in our service categories yet and developing new support services.

2) Trains Internal Engineers
Handles training internal engineers. The training subjects include newly developed support services, the latest technology trends, and so on.

3) Provides Technical Support to Field Engineers
Responds to complex technical inquiries where first-line product support has failed to isolate or fix problems with hardware.

4) Supports Internal Sales People technically
Provides support pre-sales activies with answering technical questions from customers, etc.

Target Brands:
HP, DELL, CISCO, NEC, Fujitsu, F5, Sun/Oracle, NetApp, EMC

# DataLive provides EOSL/EOL maintenance services, mainly deals with legacy servers,storages and network instruments.

– At least 3 years experience in the telecommunications industry or with an ISP.
– In depth understanding of telecommunications networks and / or IP network.
– Bilingual – Japanese(everyday conversation level) and English
– Knowledge / experience in datacenter,cloud, server / storage is preferred
– Valid (Not-expired) residence card (if foreign nationals residing in Japan)

– Experience with system implementation and kitting as a server, network or storage engineer

Send your resumes both in English and Japanese(if possible) via email to
We will reply to you in 5 business days.

New Year’s Season Business Hours

DataLive Office will be closed: December 26th (Sat) – January 3rd (Sun)

Sorry for inconvenience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Office Closed for Silver Week (Official Holidays in Japan)

DataLive Office will be closed: Sep 21st, 22nd and 23rd due to Silver Week in Japan.

What is Silver Week? -> See Wikipedia.
Sorry for inconvenience.

We are open in Obon Week

Many of companies in Japan will close in Obon week(between August 8 and August 16), but DataLive will be open.

What is Obon? -> See:

Office Closed for Golden Week (Official Holidays in Japan)

DataLive Office will be closed: April 29th and May 4th (Mon) – May 6th (Wed) due to Golden Week in Japan.

What is Golden Week? -> See Wikipedia.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Notice on Opening of DataLive Tokyo Technocenter

We are pleased to inform you that we will open our new production base, named DataLive Tokyo Technocenter (DLTTC). DLTTC is a consolidated site of our production, maintenance and merchandise management functions, integrating the warehouse used to be in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. DLTTC in 23 Wards of Tokyo will improve speed on our services.

Please drop in and see DLTTC when you are next in Tokyo.
JFYI- Headquarters of DataLive is still located in Hongo Tokyo, not moved.

  1. DataLive Corporation Tokyo Technocenter
    1-26-5 Higashi Nippori Arakawa-ku TOKYO 116-0014
    (5 minutes’walk from Minowa station of Tokyo Metro hibiya line)

    Phone: +81-3-5615-0147(Main, Maintenance Department)
    +81-3-5615-0143(Technical Service Department)
    +81-3-5615-0144(Merchandise Management Department)
    FAX: +81-3-5615-0430

  2. Opening Date:March 2, 2015

    DataLive Tokyo Technocenter

New Year’s Season Business Hours

DataLive Office will be closed: December 27th (Sat) – January 4th (Sun)

Sorry for inconvenience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Why we started IT refurbishment business? – CEO Message (Kazuhito YAMADA)


Some server parts originally used in Denmark were imported to Japan and a data center in Tochigi Prefecture, located in 100km north of Tokyo, used them. A Japanese engineer in charge of the acceptance check of the parts said impressively, “No problem at all, despite coming from far Denmark!” Then Kazuhito Yamada, CEO of DataLive Coporation, realized that DataLive could produce value for customers through trading refurbished IT equipment globally.

DataLive Corporation was founded in December 2003. Though DataLive was started as a developer of software, Yamada soon expanded the business to procurement of preowned PCs to meet customer demands. One day Yamada found many discarded servers in the warehouse of a Japanese leasing company, where he visited to buy their PCs. The servers faced the end of lease term, but to the eyes of Yamada, who has a background in infrastructure engineering, they were still useful and remained a long way from the end of life. Yamada couldn’t help but saying “I would like to buy not only your used PCs, but also those servers.” Since then DataLive has started to sell/buy preowned servers.

At that time,there were few trader of preowned/refurbished servers in Japan, DataLive received inquiries from all over the country when their website was open. Nevertheless, Yamada was not certain how big the market size of refurbished servers would be in the future in Japan.

The turning point of DataLive business was caused by an e-mail from the US. It was bulk purchase approach for a refurbished server on DataLive website. Since the sender seemed friendly, Yamada jumped in with questions about the US market. He kindly told Yamada the current situation of IT refurbishment industry in the US(Ex.”Using refurbished servers are common for many US companies.” “Online/Offline marketplaces for refurbishers have been established.”, etc). Yamada still remembers vividly that while reading his reply mail, he found rays of hope in the future because Japan IT market usually follows US. Yamada immediately and completely steered DataLive business toward IT refurbishment,especially of servers and networking equipment.

DataLive’s corporate message is “We help clients optimize IT investment”. Yamada says, “Servers are quintessence of ever-improving IT technology. Of course creating new servers is important for human progress, but utilizing servers to the utmost limit is also important for environmental and economic sustainability. We want to make a social contribution through DataLive IT refurbishment business.”

DataLive started to sell “refreshed” batteries for servers

DataLive announced that they started to sell “refreshed” RAID controller batteries on Oct 21 2014.

Generally, reused batteries have a deterioration/weakness problem – in order to solve this, DataLive decided to replace only cell parts of reused batteries with new ones.

This “refreshed” batteries (cell replacement) have 2 merits:
1) Cheaper than batteries in mint
2) Efficient use of resources(They don’t throw away serviceable parts)

As a first step, DataLive sells refreshed batteries for HP,DELL servers on their EC site(Note:this EC site is written in Japanese).

The Tokyo IT Newspaper picked up DataLive again!

DataLive’s purchasing pre-owned servers as expresssion of a “Mottainai” spirit was picked up by the Tokyo IT Newspaper in their latest issue, no.237.

the Tokyo IT Newspaper no237

For the details, see PDF version (written in Japanese).

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